Weld Racing Wheels ICON

Here is another sample of the type of motorcycles we have designed, fabricated and built over the years.

“Weld Racing Wheels” asked us to build a bike for use in their “Master Bike Builders Series” of machines. This was the first motorcycle to be included in this bike series. So we started with one of our DKCC (Doug Keim Creative Cycles) ultra high quality limited run “Icon” frames, added our hand shaped fuel tank, then did our beautiful sheet metal surround on the seat area, which flows nicely onto the elegant strutless 12 gauge steel rear fender. We also did something really trick on this one by placing the ignition coils inside the bottom of the fuel tank and then made a hollow upper engine mount and pulled the spark plug wires through the inside of it. This bike has so many absolutely stunning features on it, which include… hand crafted handlebars, a real Python hide seat, an 1/8th” thick front fork brace that was hammered to look like a small front fender, rear air ride suspension, “Weld Racing Wheels” first run of their new wheel sets (this set is called the “Daytona”), our “CheckMate” exhaust pipes, sweet clean lines, awesome blue candy over blue candy paint and so much more. And be sure to look closely at the license plate and how it is mounted, and note that there are no visible wires!

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