Smooth Classic Softail

Here is a sample of just one of the hundreds of motorcycles we designed, fabricated and built over the years.

“Smooth” is a stunning machine we proudly developed for an east coast client. She features one of our high quality limited production “Top Fuel” 8 inch forward 4 inch negative Softail frames. Followed by a hand hammered one off steel fuel tank, seat surround sheet metal that flows into the 12 gauge steel rear fender, one off hand crafted handlebars, one of our hand made long tube intakes, our “309” exhaust, hand hammered steel chin spoiler, transmission mounted rear disc brake (which Doug Keim developed and prototyped with Bob Slack from Pro-Fab), hidden switching and wiring as with all our machines, and detailing galore.

Again we ask that you look closely at these images and note all the intricate details of this amazing motorcycle.

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