KINGZ Road King

Here is an example of a new Road King that we recently updated.

We began with a new H-D Road King. What didn’t we change, update or alter on this bike. A short list would include the addition of a 23″ front wheel, added rake which is required to run a 23″ front wheel correctly, stretched nacelle, LED lighting, mid height apes, billet legs and cow bells, machined to our spec wheels, big brakes, air ride, one of our 140 RWHP/140 torque engines, Baker Primary internals, Baker 7 Speed transmission, chain final drive, 200 rear tire, electric kickstand, stretched fenders and bags, awesome gloss black paint with platinum leaf, and tons more. This is a true BIG horsepower daily rider as well. Be sure to check out all the detailing in this stunning machine.

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