The Rising Build-Off Bike

Here is a another sample of just one of the hundreds of motorcycles we designed, fabricated and built over the years.

“The Rising” is a true premium handcrafted machine which was originally laid out for use on one of our “build-off” TV events. From the one-off hand shaped, fixtured and fully TIG welded frame. To the hand hammered 1/8th inch aluminum fuel tank, coolant tank and electrical box. The hand made intake and exhaust. The one of a kind bolt on billet aluminum rear frame sub-section that features accentric rear axle adjusters, the one off multi-piece RMD Billet wheels, the linked braking system, the hand made handlebars, old school Americana type paint theme and so on. Again, take your time looking over these images. This bike is truly beautiful, and she is an awesome machine to ride as well.

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