Doo-Wop Big Pimpin’ Trike

Another sample of our work. This one just happens to be a very cool trike. “Doo Wop”, named after the music style, sits on one of our DKCC high quality ultra limited production “Icon” frames, hand made handlebars, trick bar end mirrors on BOTH sides of the bars, has a hand shaped fuel tank, stunning metal work stemming from the tip of the fuel tank all the way around the beautiful Stingray hide seat, to the simply gorgeous dual row sissy bar, the beautiful hand laced wheels, the DKCC hand made long tube intake, the hand made computer modeled 2 into 1 stainless exhaust, right down to the classic candy red and black paint scheme. This trike is a stunner, and a real blast to ride! Check over the images and look closely at the awesome detailing on this machine.

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