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Have a Creative Cycles part installed on YOUR beauty?

Got a comment on that exhaust you bought?

Send us a picture or email us and we’ll feature your bike here for all your jealous friends to ogle!

Doug I can’t thank you enough for all the great work on My Bike !!!  Breather looks great and so do the new Forward Controls and it runs great ! Thanks again, Rich
“Turned Out Great.  Thanks Doug” –Daryl (LMF Pipe)
Hey Doug: Just want to let you know that the bike is running great!  Now that the weather is nice, I finally am having a chance to enjoy it.  Even rode it to Lodi to work a few times.  Really appreciate the good work you and your guys did on it.  Will definitely come to your shop again when I need service and will surely recommend you to my friends. Thanks again. Mike McGraw
See Joe’s bike below.  Built using a Creative Cycles custom built frame, hand crafted fuel tanks, handlebars and billet upside down front assembly.  Nice work Joe! <![if !vml]><![endif]>


My bike is almost finished and I have already been getting compliments on the pipes by people that have stopped by.

Thanks, Art Carnes (Art has our ‘Creative Cycles MMF’ Pipes installed on this bike) DSCN0134
Doug, Hope everything is going well. I thought you might like some pictures of the chopper. She rides great! You did an awesome job building it! Thanks again for your help with the pipes.   Mitch
  I just wanted to tell you thanks for doing a great job on my bike. The stabilizer helps a lot with handling. The bike runs great. So I wanted to just thank Doug and Chris for doing a great job as always. It is nice to know that I can count on professionals to take care of my bike.   Thank you, Brian Veisz


It was a great “Thank You” letter I received from you for the work you completed.  You did a fine job with my handlebars for my 1966 restoration.  Being 52 I have been involved with motorcycles since I was 7 and this is the first time I received a letter of this kind.  It tells me you are someone who cares but already knew that after meeting with you and talking.  I do hope to do business with you in the future and have already passed on your name to others.  I am a detail guy and can appreciate someone like yourself who wants to do a job correct.  I am a supporter of your fine work and wish you much success.

Aloysius Kosloski  
Doug, I just wanted to say thanks for the advice and for producing such a quality product. I had a hard time believing you when you told me the pipes didn’t need heat shields. As you can see, after 2 ½ years and 11,000 miles the pipes look brand new.  Thanks again, John Carlson
2008 Big Dog PitBull with our LMF Chrome Pipe
To all @ Creative Cycles, Thanks for a tight, responsive  and comfortable ride.  The bike looks and feels great.  Went in clean and came out clean.  Your suggestions and honesty have earned you another repeat customer. Thanks Again Jim Farrant 2004 RKClassic
To all the people at Doug Keim Creative Cycles: A while back, I purchased a Bad Ass LMF pipe from you and I absolutely love it. I have a Black Cherry with ghost flames 2006 Big Dog K9. I have been meaning to get some pictures off to you guys for some time but the Air Force has been keeping me busy and now that I am home for a few months, I would try to get some pictures to you guys and hopefully you can put them up on your web site. Not the greatest pictures but pictures nonetheless. Thank you again for making a truly bad ass pipe. MSgt Peter Cyrus USAF ANG Otis ANG Base, MA Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.33.44 AM  
We thank Steve Goldstein for these VERY kind words! “I recently had my 2000 Ultra in your shop for some upgrades and couldn’t be happier with the results. Works just like you said it would, making the bike much more stable when accelerating and at highway speeds…even the bumps feel a bit smoother! The Reinhart pipes sound great and together with the power commander module have eliminated any backfire. I appreciate the time you took in explaining what things would be most useful to make the bike better. Thanks for all the advice.”.  

” Thanks to Duck Welsch for sending us these great pics of his bike, nicely finished with our BDL cover!  The BDL cover was the finishing touch I needed to complete my bike.  Thanks for your professional service and quality product.  Thanks,

– Duck Welch


Dear Doug: I just want to say that the service I received at creative cycles was better than I have had at any harley dealer. My bike has never run as well as it does now. I want to thank you and your staff for the job they did and the pleasantness they showed. I have already recommended your shop to two of my friends and will continue to do so. Thanks, Jerry P.  

“I would like to start off by saying in all the years I have owned motorcycles you are the 1st business owner who I have seen take such pride and commitment to customer satisfaction. From the minute I meet you in New York City till I picked up my bike after service, you have been a complete gentlemen. Your staff was friendly and very concerned with my satisfaction taking time out to explain what they had done to my motorcycle. Please tell then I said THANK YOU!!!!   The best part of my experience with Creative Cycles is my motorcycle actually was repaired as promised!” Bill W.  
Thanks to Chris Bailey for sending us these AWESOME pics of his 2007 Big Dog Mastiff outfitted with a Creative Cycles’ all chrome MMF pipe. “Looks great – sounds awesome!!” SWEET!!    

We’d like to thank Sloan Holland for charing these pictures of his awesome Amercian Iron Horse sporting our LMF pipes. ‘I really like the pipe, and have gotten lots of compliments!’, he says.



T.J. from Priz Auto and Truck Repair in Napersville, Il sent us these awesome pics of his bike with our B.M.F pipes! Thanks – a job well done, and we bet they sound as great as they look!


We’d like to thank Don Remig of Pt Pleasant, NJ for letting us showcase his 2006 American IronHorse Texas Chopper, equipped with an AWESOME set of Creative Cycles’ LMF Badass pipes! SWEET!



Al Hall of Michigan sent us this pic of his 2004 Big Dog chopper sporting LMF pipes. He writes: “This pipe is so awsome everybody I run into says thats the sickest pipe they’ve seen.Although this Pipe is bad to bone,and after Doug himself taking the time to talk to me, I am giving some serious thought to a pipe change. What pipe you ask? Why Doug’s new BMF of course! The new baddest pipe on the Planet. Thanks crew @ creative cycles.”

Hey – we appreciate the kind words!!



Steve Sims from Florida sent us this awesome pic of HIS Bourget custom bike tricked out with the latest MMF pipe! SWEET!!



Mark Canelle sent is these pics of his AWESOME custom based on an ICON rolling chassis.

Nice job, Mark – enjoy the ride!




“Rotten Randy sent us this great pic of his nighttrain and says:  I had them jet-hot coated.  They look great and sound awesome!!! “



Martin Dring sent us this great pic of his LMF Bad-Ass pipe with uncut tip



Sam, from Iron Core Customs SHOULD be proud of his latest creation based on Creative Cycles’ Top Fuel frame! Watch for more like this from his Dominion Motorcycle Company.



Dave sent us this pic of his awesome black powdercoated LMF pipes mounted on his ’03 AIH Texas Chopper. How COOL!!



Sal Gonzalez spiced up his custom ride with a set of LMF pipes that do this beauty proud! “I JUST WANT TO SAY THANKS! I AM VERY HAPPY WITH YOUR PIPES. I WANTED TO SEND YOU SOME PICS”. Here ya go, Sal. Great pipes to set off a GREAT paint job, Well done!!



Warren Pepper sent us these pics of his bike, based on our RSDT frame. GREAT job, Warren!


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