Creative Cycles, LLC. is the brainchild of Doug Keim. Doug began his business life in 1977 and grew his businesses through his love and passion for all things mechanical.

*Harley-Davidson Performance, Service and Repairs including…

– Cam upgrades
– Cam bearing upgrades
– Big Bore Packages (the REAL stuff, NOT that watered down mass-marketed “kit” high “performance in a box” sold by some of those BIG stores)
– Cylinder head upgrades
– High flow air cleaners
– Carb swaps
– EFI tuning/tuners
– Intake upgrades
– Exhaust systems
– Engine covers (cast & billet)
– Primary upgrades
– Clutch repairs and upgrades
– Transmission repairs & upgrades (3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 speeds)
– Suspension repairs & upgrades (forks & shocks)
– Suspension lowering
– Custom wheels
– Brake repairs & upgrades
– Tires
– Electrical repairs & upgrades
– Charging system repairs
– LED lamp upgrades
– Custom body, fenders, fuel tanks, fairings, etc.
– Custom paint
– Seat repairs, swaps & complete custom made seating
– Cast & Billet accessories
– Routine servicing
– Repair

We also offer road side towing and pick up & delivery as needed!


…and this is just the start! If there is something you need and do not see it listed, please call us at 352-322-8926

Doug’s Rules

1 Just because the label on the package says the part fits your bike, doesn’t mean it FITS YOUR bike.

2 A custom bike builder is not the person who builds a motorcycle that meets your expectations – – he is the person who EXCEEDS your expectations.

3 “Cheap is dear” – Many times the use of inferior, cheaper parts will ultimately cost the end consumer MORE money because of the higher failure rate.

4 You must have a picture, be it mental or drawn on paper, of the bike you want BEFORE you start. This ‘picture’ will serve as the blueprint when assembling your dream. Without blueprints, your bike will end up looking like a magnet dragged down the chrome aisle of your favorite motorcycle shop.


Should you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding any of our products, please feel free to drop us a line at We check emails often and will respond promptly.





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