Hard Rock Casino Tour bike: Rock Hard

Here is yet another sample of what a true handcrafted motorcycle should look like.

“Rock Hard” was designed, fabricated and built as a display motorcycle for use in the 2005 Hard Rock Casino Tour, which featured the talents of Doug Keim, Johnny “Chop” Vasko, Roland Sands (yep, that Roland) and Jesse Rooke. Now don’t think this machine was just some show pony, check out our videos section and see this machine in action! What a great bike to ride! From her one of a kind 1/2″ CNC laser cut steel frame pieces and swing arm, to her amazing 4″ intake and exhaust, to the floating rear fender, hand formed steel fuel tank, to the very first ever transmission mounted rear brake (developed by Doug and Bob Slack from Pro-Fab). And don’t forget to check out that awesome seat! This bike is simply an amazing piece of engineering and art. Check the images found here closely for just how clean and detailed this bike is. Maybe that is why it was the winning bike on the Hard Rock Casino Tour!

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