Road Glide Project: “Scalpel”

Here is a sample of a recently built Road Glide we did. We began with a brand new Harley-Davidson Road Glide. This is one of those bikes where we changed, updated or altered just about ever part of the original machine. From hand shaped tanks and fenders, billet legs and cow bells and a 26″ front wheel featuring awesome dual perimeter mounted brake rotors. We cut, stretched and raised the neck, reworked the fairing mount, added all LED lighting and be sure to check out all the very trick LED signals which are nearly invisible until illuminated. We built one of our 140 RWHP/140 torque street monster engines, Baker primary, Baker 7 Speed Transmission (yes, 7 speed), chain final drive, hand made seating and so very much more. We finished it all off with a satin candy brandywine paint job with variegated gold leaf highlights. This bike is also a blast to ride!!! Take your time and check over all the great detailing found on this machine.

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