Artistry in Iron build: Agnes Rigid

Here is another sample of the hundreds of motorcycles we designed, fabricated and built over the years.

“Agnes” was designed and built for display at Artistry in Iron Las Vegas 2007, and is yet another example of our blending of art and engineering. Starting with a prototype one-off Leo DiOreo designed front end which utilizes a Penske Indy Car shock, to the Doug Keim/Shannon Rodman designed one of a kind set of perimeter mounted brake rotors which feature aluminum carriers with a bonded ceramic stopping surfaces. One off 3D machined wheels and rear drive sprocket. Hand hammered split fuel tanks, hand shaped rear fender that is supported by adjustable “Heim Joints” which position and support the rear fender over the rear tire. Big RWHP, awesome hand made intake, blind head breathers, computer modeled hand made Burns Stainless exhaust, elevated Baker TorqueBox 6 speed transmission with both hand and foot shifting, dual belt open belt drive, hand milled license plate/tail lamp (see the videos on this bike in our video section and on YouTube), shark hide seat, DKCC grips and pegs and the list goes on and on.

Look closely at all the little details on this stunning daily rider!

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